acumen advertising dubai

The company

How do you strike fear into the heart of any SEO professional?

Mention the words “Credit Cards”, “Loans” or “Insurance”.


Because outside of the unsavoury, these terms are traditionally the hardest to rank for on Google.

How come?

The profit which can be generated from a single customer in any of these fields can be remarkable, so business’ are willing to invest squillions to make sure they are ranking first.

The brief:

Standard chartered wanted to push out a range of credit card offers through electronic direct mail (EDM) and a landing page.


This gives our developers, designers and copywriters a project they can all work on together.

When we design EDM / landing page combinations we focus on conversion rate optimisation.

Even the tiniest tweaks can have huge impacts on ROI.

We always run two versions of landing pages, test with small numbers and then use our findings to really drive positive ROI.

acumen advertising dubai
acumen advertising dubai

The Approach


The SEO guy felt left out.

And fear did not strike his heart when he heard the words “credit card”.

Instead, he got to work and in 10 weeks had achieved page #7 to page #1 search engine results.

He was quite chuffed.

The Results

“We actually didn’t think these kinds of results were possible.”