Our History

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Our History

Acumen started trailblazing in 1995, in a vastly different habitat to today.

David, our CEO rode a camel to his first day at work and typed out his first pitch on a typewriter…

Well, not quite.

But he has seen Dubai emerge into the 21st century, he has watched Dubai rise out of the desert to become the world’s most hungry, futuristic and fun city.

Surfing the coat tails of Dubai’s ridiculous growth has been David and Acumen Advertising.

Recently, we partnered with the Al Naboodah group to help us build a new department within Acumen.

The new department?

Well, now we have added mobile apps and software development to our quiver.


Because just like Dubai, we believe in the future.

You, the future, Dubai and Acumen, sounds like a pretty good team to us.

We live, breathe and love Dubai.

Would you like to join us?

How we do it

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How we do it

If you split acumen right down the middle, you would find two distinct teams:

Creatives and Technicals (is that even a word? 😉 )

Fighting, like brothers, but for perfection.

Not the last chocolate biscuit…

We are the poster boys of polarity, for every creative, we have a technical whizz to match.

We also have a few fence sitters, those that can’t pick a team and serve as the glue that binds this agency.

Well at least that’s what they’ll tell you.

Our in house resources allow us to deliver offline and online services based on acute design, quality production and efficient delivery.

So if you want a creative team with the big ideas to get you excited, backed up by a technical team who have all the answers…

…Look no further, you’ve found acumen

Why we do it

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Why we do it

What is the one thing, above all else that drives us to be the best in Dubai?


Did we mention we are passionate?

If you haven’t guessed it by now you have found your way to the most passionate, devoted and excitable team in Dubai.

Our goal is to build an agency and product that delivers above and beyond client expectations over and over again.

Our team has been hand picked for attention to detail, technical prowess and creative flair.

Each and every team member loves sticking their hand in the pie and lives to see ideas become reality.

We also love pie, especially apple.

And we’d love to share some with you.

Web Design

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Web Design

What makes a website or App amazing?

We believe a few things.

1) To start with, the website must convey the following to your audience, and it must happen within seconds.

“Who we are”

“What we do”

“What you can do here”

If you leave it too long to answer these questions, your audience will leave.

2) It must be technically superior.

Your website needs to load in under two seconds. It needs to be built to industry standard, with elegant coding and focused on search engine best practices, SEO. It needs to be programmed with tomorrow’s internet in mind.

3) It is 100% responsive.

This means that the user has the same experience no matter what device they are using. What were you doing on April 21, 2015? Google was implementing an update which serves to ignore any non-responsive website in the search engine result pages on mobile. They have basically said:

“Get responsive or get out”

4) Customer focused usability

Usability refers to ease of use. A customer must be able “glide’ around your website with utmost ease. You cannot afford to let your customer think. Your website must guide your customer to exactly where you want them to go.

Can Acumen do all this?

Of course we can, and of course much much more!

Graphic Design

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Graphic Design

Do you have ideas but are struggling to put them down on paper. Perhaps you have the content but are having troubles communicating your vision.

Not to worry, we are to help.

Graphic design is the art of planning and projecting ideas and experiences using visual and textual content.

Everything is designed, be it the Starbucks cup you have in your hand or the brochure you just chucked on the ground. Pick it up, littering sucks. ; )

Think about it. Everything. Some are bad, some are good.

The best are so good, you will never even think that it was designed. When an end user feels in complete synergy with a product or communication we call that perfection.

And perfection is what we strive for.

We design all sorts of things, brochures, pamphlet, brands, corporate communication even uniforms and promotional goods. What is it you need?

We’ve designed that before.

Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Strategy

5c’s and the 4p’s, don’t forget Mauborgne’s Blue Ocean Strategy,

Customers; you, and me, It’s all marketing you see.

Marketing strategy is the cornerstone of every business, well not every business. Sriracha doesn’t have a marketing team, or budget and is able to move 20 million units a year. But dam that hot sauce is dam fine.

Seth Godin said it well:

“Every successful product or service is the result of smart marketing thinking first, followed by a great product that makes the marketing story come true.”

You have been marketing your product all along, perhaps you just didn’t know it?

That’s where we swoop in.

After spending the last 20 years in the desert, kicking sand at each other, we have met every demographic and positioned products to them.

The marketing of your product is ready, it’s just locked in a cage.

Guess what?

We have the key…