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If you are looking for an advertising agency in Dubai these 10 points should be a gauge on the kind of ad agency you should hire.

With 100’s of agencies in Dubai offering advertising services it can be hard to choose the right digital team. Here are 10 reasons why you should choose Acumen Advertising Agency.

We understand you’re busy so just scan the 10 points. Three minutes tops, we promise.

If you’re not sold by the end, Chief David will take you out for coffee.


1) We are a client focused boutique digital agency
You want to be able to contact a person who cares about your business. Our passionate team wants to be involved in your project. We want to work together to meet and then exceed your expectations and business goals.

What this means for you:
We guarantee quick turnarounds and put you first.


2) We do all work in-house so you can be assured of quality
We wouldn’t dream of off-shoring any of our work. We take pride in everything we do and we want you to be comfortable knowing we are 100% accountable to you.

We have design nerds, creative geniuses, technical freaks and mad men. Every aspect of the online world is covered here at Acumen.

We don’t want to outsource work and we surely don’t need to.

We’re little bit crazy when it comes to perfection and we love to take total control of all aspects of every project.

What this means for you:
An assurance of quality. No detail of our work will ever slip through our fine tooth comb.


3) We have been operating in Dubai for almost 20 years
Acumen Advertising agency has seen Dubai grow from desert and dust to sky rises and sports cars.

We understand what will make a difference to your business in this crazy city.

What this means for you:
We are betting our credibility on your success and we ain’t prepared to mess around with 20 years of integrity.


4) Our technical & creative team create strategy from the ground up
Advertising can be split down the middle by considering online and offline factors

You need your strategy and presence to be visually and technically superb.

We have some of the most passionate creatives in Dubai. We wake up every day to blow people away with our design work.

Our technical team works with the design team to ensure enhanced UX. Â We focus on blazingly fast websites and technically perfect optimisation.

What this means for you:
Have you ever seen the work that goes into a marketing, branding and development campaign.

It’s enough to make a grown man weep.

How do we do it?

Strategy. Communication. Creativity. Elbow grease.

When we are done..

Rinse and repeat.


5) Our strategies are ROI focused, not based on arbitrary impressions or ranks
Any one can rank the search query Camel Warfare in Antarctica.

In fact: if you write that sentence on a page on your website you will rank number one for that query.

Or buy media space on an out of the way non-relevant website.

Getting you loads of clicks and impressions of robots.

So what?

How will this improve your business? Your ROI? Your brand?

Understand that it won’t.

We understand the buyer cycle and only optimise for keywords and impressions that are going to meet your customer when and where you can influence them most.

What this means for you:
We will optimise around creatively conceived media that will get you found by your customers when they are ready to interact with your business.

Exactly when and where you want them.


6) We view advertising as holistic brand building
As we move into the marketing of tomorrow, no digital agency worth their salt will still look at traditional mechanisms as their chief KPI’s

Google has gone on record to say they are favouring brand power in their results pages (SERPs).

Building brand equity through media mentions and social media presence will be a huge ranking factor.

Sound’s like PR doesn’t it. (minus all the bubbles)

Acumen Advertising, amongst other things is a branding agency, we know exactly what you need to look like. In the street and on online.

We couple expertise in branding and advertising with creative content to push your business to the right channels online.

What this means for you:
Your exposure will improve and so will your brand power.

You get two services for the price of one.


7) We are strategy focused.
It’s all about teaching you what sort of content should be on your website. Our goal is turn you into a marketing expert.

Want to know who the best content creator is for your website?


Yes you.

You know your customers back to front, their pain points, what they need and when they need it.

Acumen will partner with your business from the ground up. We will develop the content strategy, you will help us implement it. When you get involved in content development you will never look back.

We love to brainstorm and can’t wait to join your team.

What this means for you:
The combination of our creatives with your product and customer knowledge will have your customers: sharing, shouting and begging for more.


8) Our team is the most informed group of advertising professionals in Dubai
We leave no article unturned and no advertising Agency unwatched.

We are passionate problem solvers by nature. We learnt long ago that advertising is such a dynamic profession that you either adapt or die. If you aren’t focused on knowledge development at all times you will fall behind the pack.

Falling behind in the advertising world doesn’t just mean your work and results are tired remnants of yesteryear.

It means you lose.

Well, we all lose.

What this means for you:
Your team at Acumen will always be at the cliff face of modern advertising strategy, not from yesterday and not from today. But from the very future of your business.


9) We are 100% transparent
We will never work for your competitors, because once we are working together they will be our competitors as well.

How could an advertising agency in Dubai ethically work on the marketing of two gyms both situated in JLT?

They can’t.

And we promise we won’t.

What this means for you:
Domination of your niche. Because you will have the best advertising Agency in Dubai working on your online visibility.


10) We Care
About you and your business objectives.

What this means for you:



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