If you can’t afford to wait 3 months for your SEO efforts to show ROI, we have the answer:

Get in front of your customers tomorrow with Acumen Advertising and PPC in Dubai.

Have you heard about Google?

What about Facebook?

Of course you have.

Did you know the average person spends 2 hours on social media each day?

Each day!

Yep, that’s about a quarter of your waking hours.

Acumen Advertising Dubai has been researching where your customers hang out online since the dawn of the internet.

That’s why we focus on Facebook and Google. The big boys of internet advertising.

What if we said we could get a visitor to your site for a dirham a click.

And not just any visitor, a visitor who is ready to throw some money your way.

A visitor already deep in the buying cycle.

Depending on your niche the cost per click may be a little more, but rest assured, Acumen knows the process in gaining the most cost effective click rates.

Let’s take a look at our process.


1) Goal development
What do you want from the campaign?

Before we even set up the campaign we need to be sure of the campaign goals.

Launching a new product? Leveraging existing customers? Brand awareness?

Once well defined goals are created, we advise you on the best ad group to pursue to maximise your ROI.

Google or Facebook, or both.

You define the goals, we decide how to get there.


2) Keyword & Competition Research
The research phase comprises two key ideas:

Keywords and competition.

In the pay per click world, you need to research both in unison. Not all keywords are created equal. Not all markets are the same. Acumen goes after Keywords in a unique way.

We actually have a super nerdy, super secret algorithm we use to advise us on which keywords are the most profitable.

We use ideas such as volume, competition and buying cycle. There is no point targeting keywords that aren’t going to be profitable. We match keywords with each stage of the buying cycle and take big notice of competition and volume.

We then take this one step further and map these keywords to individual ads and landing pages.


3) Advertisement Creation
How do you get the top advertisement spot, without paying the top price?


You get top spot if you have the highest “quality score” and bid price combination.

So if you can’t compete with big companies advertising budgets, don’t worry, we can.

Not because we can out bid the big guys, but because we only produce quality advertisements and we know the process back to front.

So how does Google score quality?

It all boils down to CTR (click through rate) and bounce factors. High CTR happens when you have the best advertisement. Bounce refers to how quickly a visitor leaves a page after clicking on it. Users will usually bounce if the advertisement doesn’t match the landing page.

Which brings us on to the next point:


4) Landing Page development
A landing page is where you send people who click on your advertisement.

We believe in our process so much that we won’t run a PPC campaign without a unique landing page.


Because failure isn’t something we do. No landing page equals poor quality score, which equals expensive advertising campaign. Rising costs equals falling ROI.

Also, our team of designers jump at the opportunity to create compelling landing pages. Having completed one or more for every project, they are well versed in the combination of design, best practices and performance. The advertisement pulls the customer in, the landing page seals the deal.

Getting a landing page right is hard work. You also have no idea how consumers are going to react to them. That’s why we generally create a few examples and test them to see which ones convert the best. We test them by installing tracking devices to see which landing pages are securing the most business.

Don’t worry if it’s getting complicated, that’s what we’re here for.


5) Performance Analysis
Einstein said that his definition of insanity is:

“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

We take this mantra into every campaign. We start campaigns small, identify any poor performers, change it up and then scale.

You see, if we find a campaign where we can put two bananas in and get four out:

Then why not put in 100 bananas


6) Feedback
So by now our little PPC machine has grown a lot and it’s your turn to see the results.

We use customized reporting so you know exactly where your money is being spent and how much you are getting in return.

We promise it won’t be payable in bananas.

This is also a great opportunity for you to get involved. Got any ideas for improvements or tweaks that could make a big difference?

Jump on board.


7) Rinse and repeat
We are always looking for improvement, even if it’s squeezing the tiniest bit harder for better results.

No one’s perfect, but that’s what acumen is chasing.

There isn’t too many agencies in Dubai who have the same mix of nerds, creatives and know-it-all’s as acumen.

If you want well thought out, creative and tested advertising solutions, you know who to call.