Our History

Acumen started trailblazing in 1995, in a vastly different habitat to today.

David, our CEO rode a camel to his first day at work and typed out his first pitch on a typewriter…

Well, not quite.

But he has seen Dubai emerge into the 21st century, he has watched Dubai rise out of the desert to become the world’s most hungry, futuristic and fun city.

Surfing the coat tails of Dubai’s ridiculous growth has been David and Acumen Advertising.

Recently, we partnered with the Al Naboodah group to help us build a new department within Acumen.

The new department?

Well, now we have added mobile apps and software development to our quiver.


Because just like Dubai, we believe in the future.

You, the future, Dubai and Acumen, sounds like a pretty good team to us.

We live, breathe and love Dubai.

Would you like to join us?