As an advertising agency in Dubai, we are used to the odd busy month. This past one has been no exception. Busy is good though, cause all of a sudden it’s Thursday and then all of a sudden it’s mid-March.

And summer is just around the corner…

We believe summer is given an unfair bad wrap in this part of the world.

We love it!

It feels like just yesterday we were MARCHing into 2016…

We have had a busy start to the year with many new projects, new faces and new processes. With much more in the pipeline, we are living the standard #agencylife.

Too much love for our clients, too little time in the day.

We wanted to show off a few of our new clients. So here they are, with what makes them special, and what we’ll be getting up to with them.

Print Advertising | Conceptualisation
The Els Club is a glorious golf course located in the heart of Dubai. Designed by golfing legend Ernie Els; The Els Club is nothing short of amazing – greener greens and fairer fairways. Ernie knows his way round a golf course, he has won four majors and was welcomed into the international golf hall of fame in 2011.

When we started working with The Els club our golf loving GM (7 handicap on a good day) was rightly chuffed. The Els Club has asked us to conceptualise & design for on-going events and promotional related print advertisements.

Marketing collateral | Print Advertisements | Branded material | Website Development
Span Group is the leading provider of total integrated supply chain solutions to companies operating in the Middle East. Supply chain is the process of moving product between supplier, manufacturer and retailer.

The more efficient and optimised the supply chain, the more profit for all three groups. Supply chain is commonly confused with logistics. Logistics however, is basically supply chain but inside a company.

All a little confusing?

Not to worry, we’ll explain it all on the website we are in the process of developing. You’ll stumble upon this website after seeing the print ads we are designing. And to not leave the Span team out, we’re doing a bunch of in-house branded material for them as well!

Website | Outdoor Branding | Design
LLumar is a brand focused on improving lives, communities, and the environment by producing quality materials that protect us from the elements. LLumar specialises in the window film technology that you find on the windows of your car, home and office.

The protection this film provides saves energy, and our skin, eyes and property.

We will be assisting LLumar with roll up banners, web banners, clothing, car &, door stickers. So if you see that car drive by with the booming system, windows all tinted up; it’s because of our successful advertising campaign for LLumar. Not because hip hop is playing on the radio.

One Against All

Brand Identity | Design conceptualization | App Development
When Laurent came to us with an idea for a new mobile app we were taken aback by the enormity of the project. The sheer scale shocked us.
We can’t say too much right now but big things are a foot. Think who wants to be a millionaire but against the whole world, crossed with Vegas; baby!

We are sad we can’t be playing it now. Building an app is a huge job, even simply sorting out the user journey took a week.

Watch this space.

Web Design & Development

Dubai Printing Press; our go to printers, have recently signed on for a website. Dubai Printing Press’s current website was developed in 2010 – the same year as the Burj Khalifa was opened. It feels like just yesterday we were all gathered around downtown at the opening of the icon of Dubai.

The problem is that yesterday in web time feels like a century ago. Not to worry though, the new DPP website will be just as wondrous as the Burj Khalifa – hopefully it attracts as many visitors.

Until next time,

The A Team